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Gobert in the news

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News Report: Anthony Gobert Tells Australian Court He Is Addicted To Heroin
Feb 07, 2006

Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

According to a news report by Rebecca Senescall published in the February 1, 2006 edition of the Camden Advertiser newspaper in Camden, Australia, racer Anthony Gobert admitted in court to being a heroin addict and blamed his addiction for a string of traffic arrests that have resulted in his license being revoked until November, 2010.

Gobert has also been sentenced to 300 hours of community service and fined $600.

During Gobert's most recent court appearance, according to the report, Gobert's lawyer said Gobert demonstrated "no regard for the law" but blamed the behavior on his heroin addiction. Gobert was in court after being caught speeding and driving with a suspended license, and explained that he was seeking more heroin at the time.
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I think you have Aaron and Anthony Gobert confused. Both are talented road racers.

Aaron did collect points in the AMA last year. It's been a few years since Anthony raced in the US. Anthony has finished ahead of Maladin and Hayden.

I also believe the heroin story is old news.

Good question. I did a quick search at AMA's website. He has ridden Ducati, Honda and Yamaha. Including a superbike lap record on a Yam in 2001. Wonder if it was a Graves Yam?

Also should have mentioned little brother Alex, last year rode for Erion. Talented family.:dthumb:
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