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Gobert in the news

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News Report: Anthony Gobert Tells Australian Court He Is Addicted To Heroin
Feb 07, 2006

Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

According to a news report by Rebecca Senescall published in the February 1, 2006 edition of the Camden Advertiser newspaper in Camden, Australia, racer Anthony Gobert admitted in court to being a heroin addict and blamed his addiction for a string of traffic arrests that have resulted in his license being revoked until November, 2010.

Gobert has also been sentenced to 300 hours of community service and fined $600.

During Gobert's most recent court appearance, according to the report, Gobert's lawyer said Gobert demonstrated "no regard for the law" but blamed the behavior on his heroin addiction. Gobert was in court after being caught speeding and driving with a suspended license, and explained that he was seeking more heroin at the time.
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pickle.of.doom said:
Anthony Gobert to fill in for David Checa in World Supersport:

Hes been a long time out of comp and has obviously gone through some hard times... But if he is still anywhere near as fast as he was, he is going to kick some butt!
The Go Show is one of my favorite riders, and my greatest disappointment

Goey won the Aust Superbike Championship in late '94, and went to WSBK the following week for a "test" ride, where he rode brilliantly, winning the second race. Carl Fogerty took the championship at that meeting from Scott Russell.

The following year, Goey also won the second race, after Corser won the first, but Troy was unable to take the crown from Foggy!

"96, what a year, what a last round. Slight has a mathematical possibility of beating Corser for the championship, but only if luck is with him. The Go Show puts on an exhibition of backing a bike into a corner that McCoy and Haga could both learn from! Slight crashes out in the first race, handing the crown to Troy. Gobert takes the win in both races with unbelievable battles with Edwards first, and Slight second. Anthony Gobert is still the only person I've ever seen overtake someone around the outside at Honda Corner, Phillip Island!

Goey then went to 500's for Lucky Strike Suzuki, but things never went well, and he was sacked for alleged drug use after his team, not the race organisers, tested him. I'll never forget Kevin Magee on Aust TV saying how Suzuki was known (at that time) for treating it's riders with an amount of contempt, and that He wouldn't be suprised if they just used that as an excuse to sack Anthony. Goey's manager at the time was his Mum, and while I'm sure she's a strong woman, maybe she wasn't up to going toe to toe with one of the largest bike manufacturers in the world!

Goey got another go at WSBK, riding for Bimota. He took thier one and only win at Phillip Island, after gambling on full wet tyres on a drying track! He went out much harder than anyone else could, and got a lead of almost 3/4 of a lap within the first half of the race, at which time, the track was drying off, and the rest of the field started lapping up to 5 seconds a lap quicker than him. Even though the full wets were melting underneath him, Goey kept the taps open, and was able to hold the bike upright long enough to get home.

He's had success in AMA and British superbikes as well!

Now Goey's riding for David Checa! How many shots do you think they give to confessed heroin addicts??

If you want to see some of the best riding ever, get a copy of the 96 season DVD, and watch the last round!

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