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1437 Views 7 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  ScottSellersUNR THIS PLACE HAS SOME CHEAP TIRES.
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they are where i just ordered my summer tire form... just ordered a ContiRoadAttack form them.. 130.54$ shipped ot my door in a 190....great price best i found.
Also jsut got a Bt012R though so its going on first while its still cool out. then run the Sport touring when it gets hot and is 254deg on the asphault
jeeps84 said:
Thats HOT!!!!!!!!!
Well if its 126 degrees out in vblazing sun im sure the asphualt actually gets hotter.. u cna literally burn a egg on it in under 4 minutes...its insane.. on the sport compound tires.. i wont ride cua its like runnign em over a gridning wheel.. they get EATEN bad i bet a SS tire wouldnt make 1000 miles of that temp asphault under it...
thats hte kinda weather where sittign on a cloth seat evne burns ya and u burn your hand to lift your door handle on the car. I hate htat weather and glad it only gets that hot bout one day ever 5 years.. but 116 is cvommon in nor cal in summer.. and that still burns a bit to get into your car...and eggs still fry right away.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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