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google earth

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you can zoom in and see your house and cars and everything .....good rode prewiewer lol

EDIT: i forgot to post the web page for ya dummies lol
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3BoyzNaBike said:

I understand this


but I don't understand this! :scratch:
road preview tool.....there ya go
Ace said:
"good rode prewiewer" ????????????????????????

I am becoming dumber by each one of your posts. LOL My grammer and spelling is now below that of a 1st grader. Seriously how old are you and how the F did you pass any grades?
**** you i was in a hurry :crazy: this isent a formal forum it is just as easy to post my way as it is to post correctly
PhoenixGirlie said:
that avatar is lame...i'm brining the pic of my friend back lol
just dont screw with your avator and we will be fine
PhoenixGirlie said:
what an interesting choice of words...:lol:
awwwwwwww you suck that avator sux!!!! :cursin: :help:
bumblebee said:
Actually the word is illiterate... :wink:
the dumb ass POS must have been in a hurry
Ace said:
Are we name calling? Hey I gave you a choice as to which you were. Never did I call you out. :readng:
But honestly.......
whats the diff??? you always pick on jet ski but he is the one who never picks a fight....i think you are a prick dude for real
Grafixx01 said:
First off, the program "Google Earth" is still in Beta version, which means it is horrible. I tried it, trust me it is not good at all. There is no updating on the program at all which leaves me to wonder exactly where they are getting their images from.

For an example, I'll take this ladies house that I worked with. Her house was built approximately four years ago and Google Earth, when I checked it like a month ago, DID NOT have it on there. It still showed the thing as an empty lot. And YES, it was the right place, I've found multiple other things on Google Earth in this area so I know what I'm doing with it.

Now on the other hand, NASA World Wind, that is a good program. It can't "zoom in" as close as Google Earth can but it is actually the real thing. And for those who asked, here is a picture of the Gap:

(Correct me if I'm wrong Gap Goers)
i just downloaded it ...... google version is WAY better, but i admit it could be upgraded
1 - 8 of 38 Posts
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