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google earth

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you can zoom in and see your house and cars and everything .....good rode prewiewer lol

EDIT: i forgot to post the web page for ya dummies lol
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bulldog said:
you can soom in and see your house and cars and everything .....good rode prewiewer lol
Google earth is awesome!!! Ive had it for a month or so (?) IT seriously is neat. I had everbody in the office check it out and I could see them clicking away on google earth for like an hour! :lol:

Anybody have google earth and knows where the dragon is or any other awesome spot, save the pic as .JPG file and post up the pic!. West siders like me would like to see it and :drool: over what you guys get to carve up!

Best of all its FREE!!!

Google is a great thing :yesnod:
Grafixx01 said:
First off, the program "Google Earth" is still in Beta version, which means it is horrible. I tried it, trust me it is not good at all. There is no updating on the program at all which leaves me to wonder exactly where they are getting their images from.

For an example, I'll take this ladies house that I worked with. Her house was built approximately four years ago and Google Earth, when I checked it like a month ago, DID NOT have it on there. It still showed the thing as an empty lot. And YES, it was the right place, I've found multiple other things on Google Earth in this area so I know what I'm doing with it.

Now on the other hand, NASA World Wind, that is a good program. It can't "zoom in" as close as Google Earth can but it is actually the real thing. And for those who asked, here is a picture of the Gap:

(Correct me if I'm wrong Gap Goers)

Thank you for the pics of the GAP.

MY buddies house in another city has his roof redone (hasnt been redone in 20 years apparently) less than a year ago and the new colored roof shows up. Yet a new housing community (been there for at least a year) is still a dirt lot waiting for the foundations to be poured. They dont just take one big snapshot of the world. They take thousands of snapshots and put them together. Notice if you go to rural parts of Italy its just blurry and very indistinctive. Then go to NY. It has detailed photos of everything. I could only guess that Some frames are updated and some arent. They layer frames together and reder it to make it seem like one giant picture (try to find where they splice it badly, they are there)

FREE is still the key word!!!
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