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Got introuble need help!!!!!!

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Ok i got busted again. was at the hershey concert(breakin benjamin, staind, 3 doors down) in the parking lot yesterday and we where gonna drink some beer. welp we get them out and the girl in the back seat just starts drinkin like shes allowed and of coarse MR. undercover cop knocks on the window with his badge. so basically fcuked. any ways he writes us up for a NON-traffic violation of having beer in hand and being under 21 and smelling like beer. but they only write up 3 of us out of the 5 ppl in the car and they where gonna do a breathalizer but then decided they where not gonna. so no one got a breathalizer. they said the findes are ususaly a little under 300 and i will prob lose my liscence for 90 days at the most. what should i do with this? should i go with not guilty
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zx636r said:
o and the cop said he only saw the girl drinking
if they did no breathalizer then get your friends together and make up a story you all abide and so spilt beer all over you then blah blah blah
The other night we were hanging out at the canell after dark (three of my friends were totally screwed up on beer) and the others were all drinking and had beer in there hands...........i think we were to loud and a farmer called the cops, well we were on our way home .i was driving with three in my car (provisional licence) and there were two cars with intoxicated KIDS in it(all under 17) and one car with a 14 year old driving drunk kids home

well we were all in single file tring to get onto the rode with about 1/4 mile of canell left an we see head lights....i almost **** my pants b/c i was going to court the next morning and even though i wasent drunk i had a couple drinks and knew it would show up on the breathalizer so i was scared...... then the spot light comes on and we KNEW it was a cop for sure so all the cars stopped (of course i was in the front closest to the cop) so i got out and just told the 100 % truth about everything except that the drivers were all drunk or had drinks in them and ON them lol but he was like "well son i appreciate you trien to get these kids out of here and just make sure none of you are to drunk to drive home, do you feel that any of you are to drunk to drive?" i was like "no sir i think we are good but if you would like the unlicenced driver will leave his car here till morning" (because he checked all our licences) he was like " well if you can get it out of here right now then do it" i was just SO suprized at how cool he was so i said thatnk you for being cool about it and he laughfed and i said we will just take it home b/c my friend lived like 2 miles we got to my friends house and my buddy will downed the rest of the beers lol

i think that scared me out of drinking, even though i wasent really drinking lol
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zx636r said:
well yeah i have also met cops that where cool and would just let you go but for some reason lately i have been getting the cops that are jsut stuck up. i just dont wanna really lose my liscence. caseu then i cant ride my bike. but on a brighter note the cops for somereason called my parents. y i dont know cause im 20 but my mom talked to the cop and now the cop is saying we all had a beer in our hand which is total BS so i think im just gonna go with guilty casue this guy is gonna make it a pain in the arse. now about the good part, the violation will NOT affect my insurance and it will NOT go on my record. so that is y i dont think im gonna fight it. but i will try and reschedule court dates if i have to go to try and get the cop not to show. lol
**** that if the cop was lien to ur parents then fight it dont let it just go like that :nonod: hell no ..... catch that cop in an ally :cursin: :lol:
GSXR750DJ said:
Bulldag...did you say that the cop let the 14yr old kid drive out of there??
yep no licence or permit.....he is 14
Grafixx01 said:
If he was the only one there that wasn't drinking, most cops would say that was alright as long as you weren't driving far. What is PA's license age? like permit and everything? Cause in like GA, I think you get your permit at like 14 or 15. It's really nutty. Though I can understand why Congress wants to pass a law saying nationwide saying 17 with driver ed and 18 without it but still having to take the road test.
well i live in cali and you got to be 15 and 1/2 to get permit and like me you got to be 16 to get the licence
SVupON1 said:
that's the way it was in Maryland when I got my licence...all that had changed now tho. you have to be 16 to get a permit, and wait a year before you can apply for the licence.
wow you just got to wait 6 months to get it hee
PhoenixGirlie said:
No the original post :wredx:
thats sweet that you wrote something about me in your sig :cry: :hug: :lol:
lol had to say it
PhoenixGirlie said:
ohhhhhhhh well if you did the crime do the time :yesnod:
well the cop kinda dident do stuff breathalizer and called mom and said :wbs: to her so he should plead at least no contest

oh and PhoenixGirl i pleed guilty of loving you so were do i serve :sorry: :lol:
SVupON1 said:
bull OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you just posted that!
lol she knows i am just playin lol

SVupON1 said:
you are jerkin to her avitar aren't ya? don't lie bull :lol:
lol she is hot but i am just kiddin around
Grafixx01 said:
I don't think that you should be able to get your permit prior to 16 and no license until at least 17 but that would only be with driver's education class successfully passed. Otherwise, you should have to wait and continue to take the driver's test at the DMV to get your license.

One of the major issues that I've seen and read about in studies is the fact that too many young drivers on the road that don't know what to do. Then these idiota parents put their kids in like SUVs (cause they are safer) or the kids go out and buy some little sports car and speed everywhere. So with the SUVs being "safer", most kids will go out and speed all over cause if they get into an accident, there is more cushioning for them.

Much like my friend when he ran his Range Rover over a curb, 10' up a tree, flipped it and then fell back down the tree. Before that his parents had bought him a benz and two BMWs. After the Range Rover, they went out and bought him a convertible mustang Cobra.
i agree....i was a danger to everyone around me and dident even really like driving until i got the hang of traffic and just driving in gerneral ..... now i am a good driver though it like came natrually i can manuver a truck with a boat better then a lot of guys i see when i go fishing .....
PhoenixGirlie said:
I would personally think the driving age is good where it stands. However I do agree with graf that there should be some stricter regulations put on that age. With freedom comes responsibility...if these kids can not own up to their actions then their license should be revoked. Simple as that.
yeah......if i woulda known how bad the wheelies were law wise then i wouldent have ever done them.........but if i am driving (esspecially if i got friends or people with me) there is lil or no risk of a wreck that is my fault i have like natrual tallent lol i can make my dakota handle like my buddys mustang :dthumb: :lol:
Grafixx01 said:
I tried to back in a trailer when I was driving a Uhaul van. It didn't work too well. I can't do it with a 14' box truck and a trailer by myself. However, that was the first time I ever tried to back a trailer up with that large of a truck.
one time me and my buddy Will (mustang owner) were on our wya to the canel and he was at a stop sign and there was a lot of cross traffic so we were waiting for like a minute then there was room and he dident go so i snook up on him in my truck and pushed him with out him feeling me....thats a good ass driver lol
PhoenixGirlie said:
oh bully bully bully...driving isnt a "natural talent"...a safe driver is always aware of their surroundings...and drives defensively to avoid accidents...gotta be careful when youre driving so you dont knock the cheese off mah pizza mang! :lol:
hey i will give you the ride of your life time in my truck (no pun intended) but i can pull that e brake and do a prefect turn i can take courners that say 15 at 60 lol and i have all tarain tires too lol weither it be piss or pleasure you would wet yourself driving with me lol but i only screw around in the country never in the city
well if i got into a wreck and killed someone i could not live with myself b/c i would love to kill someone that wrecked into my mother and put my grandma to rest and my mom cant walk right for the rest of her life...i could not live threw doing that to someone else
Grafixx01 said:
Sorry to hear that man. Didn't mean to like make you upset or post your stuff like that. :sorry:
no its not like that .... it happened a while ago and it is something that makes me drive like a grandma when i think aobut other cars around in the country i get to just let out the kid in me lol ....... the only thing that makes me hate them scum that did it is that he said it was just an accedent with a smirk on his face :nonod: he was changing a CD and swirved ....i woulda been in trouble if i was in the court cant look at someone that you just killed there wife and smirk....
Grafixx01 said:
My sister did that on the day she passed her road test:

She was on her way home from passing the test. She rearended the lady infront of her less than 30minutes after she passed the test. She was driving through a school zone and was playing with the radio. Cops said she probably hit the lady doing like 45mph. She caused over $10K worth of damage to both cars. Nobody was hurt thank god, just funny though. Now you should see her. She don't go out when it snows, when it rains and she won't go over the posted speed limit. If she does, it's only by like 5mph. And if she is out and bad weather is comin', she like runs for home or some place to not drive. She'll even sit in the car until the rain / snow stops.

It's hysterical. I love driving in bad weather. I drove like 90mph racing my friend to work from college in a hurricane. It was great driving through the down-pour of rain, hitting the water puddles on the side of the road and having a wall of water splash over the car. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE even the cops, moved out of my way!
see i think it is a rush out in the country lol but i am like your sis in the city

i have had about a foot or so under all four tires in my dakota the other day lol
PhoenixGirlie said:
there's always cabs if I cant :lol:
oh fo sho lol there is mnore cabs the cars
PhoenixGirlie said:
again...on that one :willy:
oh man girl you got to explain your self we are cool not to argue it just us thrree right now you always say I'll keep my comments to mahself
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