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Got introuble need help!!!!!!

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Ok i got busted again. was at the hershey concert(breakin benjamin, staind, 3 doors down) in the parking lot yesterday and we where gonna drink some beer. welp we get them out and the girl in the back seat just starts drinkin like shes allowed and of coarse MR. undercover cop knocks on the window with his badge. so basically fcuked. any ways he writes us up for a NON-traffic violation of having beer in hand and being under 21 and smelling like beer. but they only write up 3 of us out of the 5 ppl in the car and they where gonna do a breathalizer but then decided they where not gonna. so no one got a breathalizer. they said the findes are ususaly a little under 300 and i will prob lose my liscence for 90 days at the most. what should i do with this? should i go with not guilty
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PhoenixGirlie said:
Were you drunk when you typed this?
no im at work. y
o and the cop said he only saw the girl drinking
i dont expect them to give me nothing but i was gonna try and just get possesion of alcohol, same thing i just got at the beach a month ago. i just dont wanna loose my liscence.
i know ppl that have asked for a blood test where i live casue the closest hospital in my town is an hour away.
ok yeah but if i do my community service, the other one that i got at the beach doesent go on my record.
yeah i know lately i have been fcuking up alot and i have to get my act together.
thanks for the heads up. lol a little too late though.
well yeah i have also met cops that where cool and would just let you go but for some reason lately i have been getting the cops that are jsut stuck up. i just dont wanna really lose my liscence. caseu then i cant ride my bike. but on a brighter note the cops for somereason called my parents. y i dont know cause im 20 but my mom talked to the cop and now the cop is saying we all had a beer in our hand which is total BS so i think im just gonna go with guilty casue this guy is gonna make it a pain in the arse. now about the good part, the violation will NOT affect my insurance and it will NOT go on my record. so that is y i dont think im gonna fight it. but i will try and reschedule court dates if i have to go to try and get the cop not to show. lol
and just so everyone knows i didnt let this ruin the night. after the concert we partied hard. the word of the night was "naked" take ur cloths off and get in. there was only 1 other dude and about 5 women. lol cant beat em join em.
no they dont go on my record my mom asked the cop and so did i.
OK yous totally whored this thread up

but the ticket was a NON-traffic violation, thats exactly what is says on the top of the ticket. i dont understand how then can take my liscence when we where not driving. i know a friend who just got busted for underage and dui and evading and only lost if for 30 days but his fine was way more.
thats what im worried about, if i get a lawyer and lose the case then i pay even more and still lose the liscence.
yes this i know and agree with, but they dont know if i was drinkin and they dont have any proof casue they never tested us.
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