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Got introuble need help!!!!!!

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Ok i got busted again. was at the hershey concert(breakin benjamin, staind, 3 doors down) in the parking lot yesterday and we where gonna drink some beer. welp we get them out and the girl in the back seat just starts drinkin like shes allowed and of coarse MR. undercover cop knocks on the window with his badge. so basically fcuked. any ways he writes us up for a NON-traffic violation of having beer in hand and being under 21 and smelling like beer. but they only write up 3 of us out of the 5 ppl in the car and they where gonna do a breathalizer but then decided they where not gonna. so no one got a breathalizer. they said the findes are ususaly a little under 300 and i will prob lose my liscence for 90 days at the most. what should i do with this? should i go with not guilty
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If you plead not guilty, I guarentee (sp, cause it just looks wrong!) you that the cop is going to show up. And I'll tell you that it'll be like a 98% chance that the judge rules in favor of the cop. If you make up a story, then you could also get into even more trouble cause I think that is contempt so then the judge can throw you in jail right then and there. If anything, the people that weren't drinking should have said, "Take me for a breathalizer" cause at least then you could have used that in your favor. I actually would opt for blood test over a breathalizer cause by the time you get taken to a hospital, they admit you to draw the blood and the results come back, it would be less than the breathalizer. (just some input for those who drink, get a blood test! NO BREATHALIZER!!!)

I'd say you really can't do anything though. Pay the fine, take the suspension. You could try looking into the local laws and everything and seeing if you can get out of it cause if the cop said you "smelled like beer" but didn't take you for a breathalizer/blood test, then it could possibly get thrown out. The only one that seems to be like not a chance in hel! to get out of it is the girl.
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snakemann said:
Dont drink in public until you turn 21 :cheers:

Good advice, although it is a little too late. Even still if/when he is 21, drinking in public is not good cause then you get "Public Intoxication" and "Drunk and Disorderly" thrown at you. And if there are minors around, you automatically get blamed for giving them any alcohol if they are caught drinking.
snakemann said:
I was referring to public venues such as restaurants and such as where to drink after turning 21. Drinking at an authorized public venue doesn't automatically make you either one of what you just listed as long as you drink in moderation and not to excess.

Also since your critiquing posts, from a defendants stand point your advice on getting a blood test was very erroneous. Blood tests are far more accurate and stand up in court far better than breathalizers or machines of the sort. This wouldn't be the first time I've heard you give laughable legal offense - but you should get more familiar with the legal system before you give out anymore.

I know that they are far more accurate. But if you have gotten pulled over for D&D, which I have and demanded a blood test, most cops will refuse it cause they know the time frame that it will be completed in. It is not as easy as just going down to the station and blowing and getting the results. You are not considered a priority when you go to the hospital for a blood-alcohol test. This I know cause I've done it. I had like 5 beers, got pulled over after I hadn't drank any for almost 3 hours. The cop wanted to give me a breathalizer and I said take blood, said ok, took me down to the hospital where I sat there for close to four hours waiting. He got pissed, said something and they told him that I am not considered a priority but the people coming in on the ambulances are.

I have talked to many cops about this as well as many military police and they hate it when people say take blood cause they know the time that they wait will have more alcohol disipate from their system.

So my advice is not completely inaccurate.
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GSXR750DJ said:
Bulldag...did you say that the cop let the 14yr old kid drive out of there??

Cali is probably like Tx, half the people driving are like 15 or younger, and most who are of right age to drive a car don't have a license!

SV, too much to :readng: , sum that up for me. You're talking to the guy who has conversations with himself!
GasMan, that was actually a funny read.

SV, that sucks that you got busted. I never got busted yet. Although that probably just jinxed me!
bulldog said:
yep no licence or permit.....he is 14

If he was the only one there that wasn't drinking, most cops would say that was alright as long as you weren't driving far. What is PA's license age? like permit and everything? Cause in like GA, I think you get your permit at like 14 or 15. It's really nutty. Though I can understand why Congress wants to pass a law saying nationwide saying 17 with driver ed and 18 without it but still having to take the road test.
I don't think that you should be able to get your permit prior to 16 and no license until at least 17 but that would only be with driver's education class successfully passed. Otherwise, you should have to wait and continue to take the driver's test at the DMV to get your license.

One of the major issues that I've seen and read about in studies is the fact that too many young drivers on the road that don't know what to do. Then these idiota parents put their kids in like SUVs (cause they are safer) or the kids go out and buy some little sports car and speed everywhere. So with the SUVs being "safer", most kids will go out and speed all over cause if they get into an accident, there is more cushioning for them.

Much like my friend when he ran his Range Rover over a curb, 10' up a tree, flipped it and then fell back down the tree. Before that his parents had bought him a benz and two BMWs. After the Range Rover, they went out and bought him a convertible mustang Cobra.
bulldog said:
i agree....i was a danger to everyone around me and dident even really like driving until i got the hang of traffic and just driving in gerneral ..... now i am a good driver though it like came natrually i can manuver a truck with a boat better then a lot of guys i see when i go fishing .....

I tried to back in a trailer when I was driving a Uhaul van. It didn't work too well. I can't do it with a 14' box truck and a trailer by myself. However, that was the first time I ever tried to back a trailer up with that large of a truck.
bulldog said:
hey i will give you the ride of your life time in my truck (no pun intended) but i can pull that e brake and do a prefect turn i can take courners that say 15 at 60 lol and i have all tarain tires too lol weither it be piss or pleasure you would wet yourself driving with me lol but i only screw around in the country never in the city

Chicken, won't drive offensively in the city. Shiot man, you and Pgirlie would NEVER EVER make it in NYC!
bulldog said:
well if i got into a wreck and killed someone i could not live with myself b/c i would love to kill someone that wrecked into my mother and put my grandma to rest and my mom cant walk right for the rest of her life...i could not live threw doing that to someone else

Sorry to hear that man. Didn't mean to like make you upset or post your stuff like that. :sorry:
PhoenixGirlie said:
Hey! You've never seen me drive dont know!! :wredx:

Don't have to see you, I know. Trust me, you wouldn't survive.
My sister did that on the day she passed her road test:

She was on her way home from passing the test. She rearended the lady infront of her less than 30minutes after she passed the test. She was driving through a school zone and was playing with the radio. Cops said she probably hit the lady doing like 45mph. She caused over $10K worth of damage to both cars. Nobody was hurt thank god, just funny though. Now you should see her. She don't go out when it snows, when it rains and she won't go over the posted speed limit. If she does, it's only by like 5mph. And if she is out and bad weather is comin', she like runs for home or some place to not drive. She'll even sit in the car until the rain / snow stops.

It's hysterical. I love driving in bad weather. I drove like 90mph racing my friend to work from college in a hurricane. It was great driving through the down-pour of rain, hitting the water puddles on the side of the road and having a wall of water splash over the car. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE even the cops, moved out of my way!
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Nope, I guarntee it! Most people say they can, but they come to NY and realize they can't.

I've had so many people that are like, "Dude, I don't know how you people in NY do that stuff like your driving, running around like chickens with your heads cut off. I was there and I can't take it. I'm glad I'm from (some place outside NY just enter wherever you want)."

Even people from like NY State say it.
Dude, I made it through the entire island of Manhattan, during rush hour in less than 30minutes. Now all my friends that live in NY want me to show them how to drive in the city. It's awesome. I should've been a cab driver. I could do like Queen Latifa in Taxi!
bulldog said:
well taxis cant lane split lol
No need for me to lane split with a taxi. I'll put it this way, NOBODY I know will ride in my car with me cause of the way I drive. If they do, I have to drive like the speed limit or below it by like 5mph. My friends were even like, "Dude, you're gonna die within like 6 months of getting your bike. I can tell you that just cause I've seen you drive your car!"
Yeah, I take chances on my bike. But I don't think they are that bad to warrant me dying. I'll drag a knee in jeans, just like once or twice so far cause I don't have the cash to buy leathers, but other than that, just normal riding.
Nope, I usually have baggy pants on, or slightly baggy. So I can feel the knees catchin' on the pavement, then when I feel that, I pull the bike back vertical.
However, I found a road here that looks like the Gap. Although I don't think that even Twisty has the [email protected] to take it fast. NOT INSULTING HIS RIDING CAPABILITIES though. It's just like if you ride in either direction and mess up, one of two things is gonna happen. You're gonna go flying off a 100' cliff, along with the bike. Or you're gonna go slammin' into the mountain side. I'll get Google Earth and post a picture of it in "Everyday riding".
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