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Got introuble need help!!!!!!

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Ok i got busted again. was at the hershey concert(breakin benjamin, staind, 3 doors down) in the parking lot yesterday and we where gonna drink some beer. welp we get them out and the girl in the back seat just starts drinkin like shes allowed and of coarse MR. undercover cop knocks on the window with his badge. so basically fcuked. any ways he writes us up for a NON-traffic violation of having beer in hand and being under 21 and smelling like beer. but they only write up 3 of us out of the 5 ppl in the car and they where gonna do a breathalizer but then decided they where not gonna. so no one got a breathalizer. they said the findes are ususaly a little under 300 and i will prob lose my liscence for 90 days at the most. what should i do with this? should i go with not guilty
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I will edit my post in 5 minutes or so, I gotta leave work and get home before I get a soaked @ss.

Edit>>>> ok joe..were you in the drivers seat, was it your car, aren't you 21 now?
Grafixx01 said:
Good advice, although it is a little too late. Even still if/when he is 21, drinking in public is not good cause then you get "Public Intoxication" and "Drunk and Disorderly" thrown at you. And if there are minors around, you automatically get blamed for giving them any alcohol if they are caught drinking.
I thought he turned 21 a month ago...reason I am asking is for a good reason. I have a similar situation that happend to me.
zx636r said:
i dont expect them to give me nothing but i was gonna try and just get possesion of alcohol, same thing i just got at the beach a month ago. i just dont wanna loose my liscence.
answer my questions!

zx636r said:
well yeah i have also met cops that where cool and would just let you go but for some reason lately i have been getting the cops that are jsut stuck up. i just dont wanna really lose my liscence. caseu then i cant ride my bike. but on a brighter note the cops for somereason called my parents. y i dont know cause im 20 but my mom talked to the cop and now the cop is saying we all had a beer in our hand which is total BS so i think im just gonna go with guilty casue this guy is gonna make it a pain in the arse. now about the good part, the violation will NOT affect my insurance and it will NOT go on my record. so that is y i dont think im gonna fight it. but i will try and reschedule court dates if i have to go to try and get the cop not to show. lol
Ok I will state my experience now...
When I was 20 only 2 months from being 21. I had my annual huge party at my parents house while they were on vacation. All my friends for the most part were older or already 21. My little brothers friends showed up to the party which they were 16 or 17. Everyone was drunk having a good time playing cards out on the screened in porch, or jamming to loud music inside.
Next thing I know is I see about 10 cops swarming up the road with their lights turned off, and I am thinking OH $HIT!! people are trying to scatter everywhere, hiding the minors and so forth...well the cops walk in and bust the party, search the parameter inside and outside. I got naked beotches in the whirl pool my best friend and his girl didn't know the party got busted..LMFAO the state trooper bangs on the door and my friend said F OFF, then the state trooper said ioen the door or I'm busting it down. he said F off again and quit messin around, then he stated his authority trooper Broiles badge # blah blah blah, so my friend apparently got out of the whirl pool, and the trooper wouldn't let his g/f or him get a towel LMMFAO!! they had to stand there naked.

Everyone got a breathalizer. When it came for the two in the whirl pool to have theirs the trooper said ok naked boy its your turn, then ok naked girl its your turn...LMMFAO

this is the crazy part.
All my friends that were 21 and over were charged with "distributing alchohol to a minor" I was charged with "distributing alcohol to a minor, AND drinking under age" just because it was MY house!
As far as all the minors at the party...their parents were called to either come get them or they had to stay the night.

I recieved a citation with these charges on it, it was not a payable fine either, the Must appear in court box was checked. I and all my friends appeared in court we didn't try to fight it, we just plead guilty. Now 2 of my friends hired attorney's and they got out of it...however they paid almost $600 a piece to get out of it. My friends paid I think $120.00 or so in fines..I paid like $220.00 or so since I had 2 charges.

This state trooper that lived behind me always hated me, so he was just looking for an excuse to bust me on something..well he got his chance.

I am stuck with these 2 charges on my record..everytime I have a background check done these 2 charges always show up. I have to wait 5 years from the date it happend to try and get this expunged from my record. I will have to convince a county judge why I need this removed off my record, and he/she will make their ruleing.

So ZX i'm not sure how PA handles your situation but mine is very similar to yours. I got screwed I will have my chance next year to get these charges expunged off my record since I will be 25. Honestly I don't think these charges have ever really stopped me from getting a job or anything else, I always have to explain myself first when I am questioned about it tho.

I wish you luck on the situation tho. :luck:
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zx636r said:
no they dont go on my record my mom asked the cop and so did i.
well were you given a citation like a payable fine? or court appearence?

I'm sure that Trooper that always had something against me had something to do with the way I was charged, so I really got screwed. But then again KY and PA may be different on this.
Grafixx01 said:
Cali is probably like Tx, half the people driving are like 15 or younger, and most who are of right age to drive a car don't have a license!

SV, too much to :readng: , sum that up for me. You're talking to the guy who has conversations with himself!

Dude just :readng:'s hard to sum up, and there is some funny stuff in there.. It's really not that long.
Earlzach said:
DID you actually get a "driving violation?" If it was contributing then you could do some comunity sevice or a little time. I dont know what your DLicens would have to do with under age drinking tickets, If there was no driving infraction then your Licens should be out of the equation.
Not sure.. :2cents:
that's why I asked him ?'s earlier in the thread that he never answered.
bulldog said:
yep no licence or permit.....he is 14
that brings back memories..when I was 14 i stole my brothers car at 2am, went out driveing around town, raced an undercover cop, well he let me win up to 70 mph or so, then he slammed on his brakes and got behind me and flipped on the lights. I was debateing on running, but my friend said man...pull over. SO I pulled over the cop approaches the window, and I acted like I had my licence..then I "couldn't find it" in my wallet. He didn't believe me for nothing...I looked like I was 12 :lol:
So officer calls my dad is out TTDY business trip. My mom comes out to get me and sign the release papers.. she hadn't drive a 5 speed in like 15 years so she couldn't hardly move the car. I remembered her saying this is a night mare as we were pulling into the shopping center parking I'm already in DEEP $hit, we got back to the house and I waited 30 minutes for her to fall asleep. I grabbed the other set of keys and started walking to get the car :lol: (remember night mare) i get over 1/2 way to the car..and no $hit!! that under cover cop pulls up behind me and stops, he said "WHAT the hell are you doing back out? aren't you in enough trouble?" i said man I was just taking a walk thinking how stupid I was tonight...he told me to get in the car...he took me back home, i asked him if he was going to tell my mom, and he said no, I am in enough deep $hit. He said get in that house and stay put, I don't want to see you again.
That was That..nuff said.
I got community service after highering a lawyer..thousands and thousands of $ gone. glad thats all on Juvi records! I did alot of other bad stuff like that....I cleaned up my act when I was about 16. i wanted my licence. I think back how stupid I was during my early teen years. Atleast i am successful now.
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PhoenixGirlie said:
Ok...I have read this 4x now and I still cant make out wtf happend..where are the EZRead Notes? :lol:
on my post?

had a party under age
got busted and charged with distributing alochol to minors, and drinking underage.
i still have 2 records on my back ground until hopefully next year.
bulldog said:
well i live in cali and you got to be 15 and 1/2 to get permit and like me you got to be 16 to get the licence
that's the way it was in Maryland when I got my licence...all that had changed now tho. you have to be 16 to get a permit, and wait a year before you can apply for the licence.
bulldog said:
wow you just got to wait 6 months to get it hee
thats the way it was when I got mine.
PhoenixGirlie said:
No the original post :wredx:
Oh well..
-ZX was in a parking lot with other minors with alcohol in the car.
-a under cover cop saw a girl in the car drinking
-the cop tapped on the window
-they all got busted
-the cop called their parents.
-ZX doesn't know if he should fight it, or plead guilty.
PhoenixGirlie said:
ohhhhhhhh well if you did the crime do the time :yesnod:
ZX hadn't answered all the questions I and a few others posted. in some form is will be quilty, but he's affraid he's going to loose his licence over it. But I don't know yet cuz he hasn't answered my questions.
bulldog said:
well the cop kinda dident do stuff breathalizer and called mom and said :wbs: to her so he should plead at least no contest

oh and PhoenixGirl i pleed guilty of loving you so were do i serve :sorry: :lol:
bull OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you just posted that!
bulldog said:
lol she knows i am just playin lol

you are jerkin to her avitar aren't ya? don't lie bull :lol:
bulldog said:
lol she is hot but i am just kiddin around
I don't think you are. :lol:
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