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Got introuble need help!!!!!!

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Ok i got busted again. was at the hershey concert(breakin benjamin, staind, 3 doors down) in the parking lot yesterday and we where gonna drink some beer. welp we get them out and the girl in the back seat just starts drinkin like shes allowed and of coarse MR. undercover cop knocks on the window with his badge. so basically fcuked. any ways he writes us up for a NON-traffic violation of having beer in hand and being under 21 and smelling like beer. but they only write up 3 of us out of the 5 ppl in the car and they where gonna do a breathalizer but then decided they where not gonna. so no one got a breathalizer. they said the findes are ususaly a little under 300 and i will prob lose my liscence for 90 days at the most. what should i do with this? should i go with not guilty
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Were you drunk when you typed this?
zx636r said:
no im at work. y
Um...because I couldnt make heads or tails of what it said
Ok...I have read this 4x now and I still cant make out wtf happend..where are the EZRead Notes? :lol:
SVupON1 said:
on my post?

had a party under age
got busted and charged with distributing alochol to minors, and drinking underage.
i still have 2 records on my back ground until hopefully next year.
No the original post :wredx:
bulldog said:
thats sweet that you wrote something about me in your sig :cry: :hug: :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

SVupON1 said:
Oh well..
-ZX was in a parking lot with other minors with alcohol in the car.
-a under cover cop saw a girl in the car drinking
-the cop tapped on the window
-they all got busted
-the cop called their parents.
-ZX doesn't know if he should fight it, or plead guilty.
ohhhhhhhh well if you did the crime do the time :yesnod:
I would personally think the driving age is good where it stands. However I do agree with graf that there should be some stricter regulations put on that age. With freedom comes responsibility...if these kids can not own up to their actions then their license should be revoked. Simple as that.
bulldog said:
yeah......if i woulda known how bad the wheelies were law wise then i wouldent have ever done them.........but if i am driving (esspecially if i got friends or people with me) there is lil or no risk of a wreck that is my fault i have like natrual tallent lol i can make my dakota handle like my buddys mustang :dthumb: :lol:
oh bully bully bully...driving isnt a "natural talent"...a safe driver is always aware of their surroundings...and drives defensively to avoid accidents...gotta be careful when youre driving so you dont knock the cheese off mah pizza mang! :lol:
Grafixx01 said:
Chicken, won't drive offensively in the city. Shiot man, you and Pgirlie would NEVER EVER make it in NYC!
Hey! You've never seen me drive dont know!! :wredx:
Grafixx01 said:
Don't have to see you, I know. Trust me, you wouldn't survive.
bah! I bet I would!
there's always cabs if I cant :lol:
Grafixx01 said:
My sister did that on the day she passed her road test:

She was on her way home from passing the test. She rearended the lady infront of her less than 30minutes after she passed the test. She was driving through a school zone and was playing with the radio. Cops said she probably hit the lady doing like 45mph. She caused over $10K worth of damage to both cars. Nobody was hurt thank god, just funny though. Now you should see her. She don't go out when it snows, when it rains and she won't go over the posted speed limit. If she does, it's only by like 5mph. And if she is out and bad weather is comin', she like runs for home or some place to not drive. She'll even sit in the car until the rain / snow stops.

It's hysterical. I love driving in bad weather. I drove like 90mph racing my friend to work from college in a hurricane. It was great driving through the down-pour of rain, hitting the water puddles on the side of the road and having a wall of water splash over the car. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE even the cops, moved out of my way!

again...I'll keep my comments to mahself on that one :willy:
Gas Man said:
Thank you Twisty for bringing the thread back to the topic...instead of a PGirl/Bull/Graff coversation!
And yet another post from you BITCHING about other people :whore: GOD FORBID if ANYONE :whore: but you Gas. Get a effin life loser
I detect a drama queen
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Gas Man said:
I'm sorry Shan but she needs to B L O W ME! This is stupid! Delete my post if you need to but I'm sorry gloves are off...
Bitch there would be nothing to blow you small dicked little ****ing asswipe.
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