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got it

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Picked up my 03 zx9 today and in spite of cold windy day got a couple of hours in. Great bike! Fast very stable good range good wid protection and heli bars are great. Really :dthumb: Anyone in central jersey area wants to ride let me know or Pa.
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Where in NJ

I'm in Bridgewater near 78-287. Ant other 9ers out there in NJ? Working on the pics.

I'd like to but site does not allow it. Below my post page Posting Rules says i'm not allowed to??? Do you have to have a certain # of posts or what?
Have voth for now

have had monster for a few years, but fell in love with 03 zx9 which I bought. Have to sell M900 now.:disapp:

Have the M900 and just bought the 9 so I'm trying to sell Monster. Again, thanks to you guys for your help with pics. I will post pics of 9 as soon as they let me.
9-pics-pending approval


:tt: :tt: :tt: :tt: :tt: :tt: :tt:
No attachments yet

Pics are in gallery. Any body want to bring down the 9 photo. That does'nt sound right but you know what i mean.:here: Pic taken whike still at dealer. Yes he' a priller dealer and victory.
Just one pic

Yes, I am the last person in the USA without a dig camera so now that I have bike home I will borrow neighbors and take some more. And thanks for the attach.

Kawas and Muzzy are a natural. I also liked the polished wheels and crash bungs/sliders. The combination and a test ride sold me.

:iagree: And Akra but really pricy I think.
1 - 11 of 57 Posts
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