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got it

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Picked up my 03 zx9 today and in spite of cold windy day got a couple of hours in. Great bike! Fast very stable good range good wid protection and heli bars are great. Really :dthumb: Anyone in central jersey area wants to ride let me know or Pa.
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jeeps84 said:
Congrats on the new to you bike. Let me be the first to say.:nopicsbs:
rasta said:
I'd like to but site does not allow it. Below my post page Posting Rules says i'm not allowed to??? Do you have to have a certain # of posts or what?
And Rasta... I approved your pics!
Yeah got see more on the 9...being I'm a ex-9 owner...
rasta said:
:tt: :tt: :tt: :tt: :tt: :tt: :tt:
I approve pics everytime I log in... its just that some of the "others" forget to check...
Just think about who else on TWF would be approving pics... :whistle:
R1up0n1 said:
in that case no-one. :lol:

they need to change gas mans moderator title to Picture approval moderator.

Um NO!!
1 - 6 of 57 Posts
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