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got it

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Picked up my 03 zx9 today and in spite of cold windy day got a couple of hours in. Great bike! Fast very stable good range good wid protection and heli bars are great. Really :dthumb: Anyone in central jersey area wants to ride let me know or Pa.
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I'm in PA, not too far away, but lets see some pics of this 9
rasta said:
I'd like to but site does not allow it. Below my post page Posting Rules says i'm not allowed to??? Do you have to have a certain # of posts or what?
no, they changed the format of this forum. Pics uploaded in the gallery have to be approved by moderators first, and new members have can't manage attachments or something. you can email me and I can post up the pic.
has the 9 pics been posted up yet?:scratch:
rasta said:
ohhh gas mannnnnnn where are you??:tt: :tt:
rasta said:
:tt: :tt: :tt: :tt: :tt: :tt: :tt:
:iagree: and there's not even a mod online right now.:tt: :tt:
derek.litalien at nellis dot af dot mil

Send them to me and I'll attach 'em.
dude that's government email....don't give that one out....have him send it to a hotmail account or somethin.

get rid of that now!
Thanks for getting rid of it. GMan said that the spiders will pick that up and send me spam and what not. i get enough as it is. It's all good with the gov. As long as it's not porn (most soft core is alright).
gotcha. I never give out my work email, or my cable internet email addy. I don't want it to end up like my netzero, and hotmail email. porn, junk, email, trash..... ahh i hate it. i can go to work in the morning, come home and have 100 emails within that 8 hours.
That's why I give out my gov e-mail. the filters will kill most of those e-mails.
they are going somewhere.
Not in my box.
:lol: true. I guess the administrator of the military email server is enjoying all the hard core porn that gets sent to him, he just shares the soft-core porn with everyone else. :lol:
You'd be amazed at the e-mails floating around the gov e-mail world. Ask ebbs or Rider. They'll tell you. Primo stuff.

The admin lets the penis enlargement ones go through though.
Gas Man said:
Just think about who else on TWF would be approving pics... :whistle:
in that case no-one. :lol:

they need to change gas mans moderator title to Picture approval moderator.

Just one pic? Looks real nice though.

sweet bike! I like the CF muzzy exhaust!
rasta said:
Kawas and Muzzy are a natural.
well I gotta find a natural for a yami. any suggestions...
Graves, Hindle and muzzy's are good. you can also use GYT-R since Yammie makes 'em.
I like the Graves and GYT-R but very expensive. Hindle make a nice can.
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