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got lots a stuff

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im set:

i have a moose jacket and a good helmet and a good set of gloves and a good pair of boots (i still ride in jeans but that will change soon)

i got a 170 rear SPORT TEC M1
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bulldog said:
im not sanding it i am just leanin it when it warm and i cant tell that much diff. but it is a lil slipery

i has to get the 170 instead of 160 and i can tell it is harder to stop
It shouldn't be should be easier!

Also, what became of the fix o flat?????
Yeah, it must be because it's new because a larger sized tire... would mean a large touch patch and therefor easier braking.

Remember to keep it cool for about a week or two.. depending on how many miles you get it...
you shouldn't be draggin toe... get your feet ON the pegs... it will help you flick the bike easier...
yeah besides... it's all in your riding position. You aren't riding the twisties correctly... but I don't want to tell you how to correct it cause you'll start to TRY to drag a knee. And that's a bad thing for a newbie that has only been on 2 for like a month! Hell bad for a newbie that has been on 2 for a year!!
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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