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got lots a stuff

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im set:

i have a moose jacket and a good helmet and a good set of gloves and a good pair of boots (i still ride in jeans but that will change soon)

i got a 170 rear SPORT TEC M1
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i ride in jeans. which i know is bad but thats the way it is for now.

and nice stuff bull
i agree with full protection 100% but i just like wearing jeans. someday i will get actual pants.

you could scuff up the rear tire a little bit, it wont hurt at all, but if you driving it home be carful, it is new. i had to drive mine home the day i bought it and it started to drizzle going down the highway and i was like o shiot im screwed but luckly i got it home ok.
if anythign try a scuff pad. but either way still be easy on them for the first 50-100 miles. your ride home will wear the center pretty good i would only scuff up the edges. actually i would probably jsut get them nice and hot and sticky and lean it over.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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