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Got me Dainese Jacket and Pants

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I posted on a different thread that I was getting a Dainese Trax jacket- well I actually decided not to get that. Instead, I got talked into getting a Dainese Monza jacket in red, black, white and silver colors. Was expecting to pay $339 for the Trax but ended up paying $479 for the Monza! Doh!!! Truth was the monza fit me better/tighter as the Trax is more of a casual motorcycle jacket. However, I bought a Dainese leather pants that was regularly $499 on sale for $399. I asked the guy at Cycle Gear if they would match their special of 50% off of the pants with a purchase of a Monza jacket and they said they would. I was going to be in the market for some leather pants so I decided now is as good as time as any. They said OK and I was expectng to pay $250 for the web matched price but instead I got 50% off of the $399 price!! It turned out that I saved about $70 going for the better jacket than had I gotten the Trax and same pants at $400! Ride ON!!!
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Wow, that's a great deal. You can't beat 50% off !!
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