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Got pics of your road rashed gear? =M=

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Post your worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) road-rashed gear pics here and we'll include them in our contest for a free Motophoria Axial jacket.

Pick your size and color if you win!

So far we've seen some real nasty looking leathers :eek:
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twisty said:
I went down hard on the street and tore my ass and back open. :seeya:
Who's your buddy w/the cam? Are these the pics of your arse in Tenn? :whistle: :bash: If the suit was a Rocket it wouldn't have torn... :2cents:
Yeah that's it! :wink: I don't remember...but a log..that close to your rear? That can't be a good thing!
twisty said:
I was sliding across the pavement into a ditch really fast like. Dont pull the :gary: ****e on me.
Yeah Yeah Yeah, but you got to admit, you walked into that one... :D
Ace said:
I back ya my twisted friend. You went down fast! These :gary: were not there to see it! But maybe thats because :gary: fear the dragon! :withstupi
Yeah Yeah, well I'm there next year for shiezy :dthumb:
Hey I got slide marks on my leathers...does that mean chicks dig me? I guess I better not let the wife hear about this...:lol:
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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