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Got the Old Permit!

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I was at the DMV for some address stuff with my 2 buddies, and I decided to go ahead and try to get my Motorcycle Permit. I was nervous as hell, even though I studied for the last 4 months. My first friend was just taking it for the hell of it. The second one is shopping for a new bike. My first friend passed missing only 4. The second friend passed missing only 1. Now its all on me. I was so freaking nervous that I would fail. As my friends were taunting me with their newly acquired permits, they call my name. "100% son, good job". Jokingly, I said wow, is that a good score? The lady chuckled and handed me my permit paper. I never get 100% on tests, so that was pretty cool! :dthumb:
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:dthumb: Congrads on getting your permit man. :cheers:

Here where I'm at you don't even have to take a test to get a motorcycle permit. Just show them your drives license and give them 10 bucks and your good to go for a year. The only test you have to take is a 20 question written test, and a driving course to get your motorcycle license.
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