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Got the Old Permit!

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I was at the DMV for some address stuff with my 2 buddies, and I decided to go ahead and try to get my Motorcycle Permit. I was nervous as hell, even though I studied for the last 4 months. My first friend was just taking it for the hell of it. The second one is shopping for a new bike. My first friend passed missing only 4. The second friend passed missing only 1. Now its all on me. I was so freaking nervous that I would fail. As my friends were taunting me with their newly acquired permits, they call my name. "100% son, good job". Jokingly, I said wow, is that a good score? The lady chuckled and handed me my permit paper. I never get 100% on tests, so that was pretty cool! :dthumb:
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That's great! :dthumb:
snadamo said:
Thank you!

MSF course is next on my list. I just wanted to be able to ride around town legally, and to get some experience in before the MSF course.
Sounds like you got the right idea!! Way to go for you!
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