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Overall, learning my corners and practicing my technique has been going REALLY well, thanks to Proficient Motorcycling, a couple other articles and some earlier advice from Gasman. :dthumb:

However, I have one turn on my way home that has me confused. It is a downhill, hard banked, right-hander. The fog line is where the ground levels out on this turn. My problem is that unless I am really cooking into this turn (which isn't a good idea based on traffic and location), I "fall out" of the corner just before the apex every time and wind up riding the white line. As I live in an area that is prone to being wet, anyone that has hit that line in the rain knows that this ain't necessarily fun.

Does anyone have an idea of why this might be happening? What can I do to stay higher on the road/in the turn? Twisty? Gas? Jack? Anyone? :D

Thanks in advance, Everyone!
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