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Greece plane crashes... BIZARRE

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121 dead, nearly 50 of them children... :angelhap:

For those that like to read:

For those that don't want to read:

About 1 hour after the flights take off the captain complaigns about A/C problems. Air traffic controllers loose communication with the jet. Then the 737 Jet flying at a altitude of about 36,000 feet looses cabin pressure and nearly the entire crew and passengers passing out from the lack of oxygen.

Greece authorities scramble 2 F16 fighter jets to their aid and one of those fighter jet pilot's reports seeing the co-pilot slumped over the controls... he take the the side of the plane and sees passengers frantically trying to do something to gain control over this flying graveyard.

All while on the ground a man gets this frightening text message on his cell phone..

The pilot has turned cousin I bid you farwell we are all frozen
:nonod: :angelhap: :disapp:
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Yeah great... I haven't seen it here... so I posted it up...

Not too mention that you might be disgracing those that have died by making fun of the topic...
He's ok... I'm sure he can handle it... but with that being in mind that it was last week... how come Mr Bee didn't get it up? :nonod: :D

To get back on subject...

On the radio today they were talking about the 2 passengers that were in the front of the cockpit trying to gain control... were they holding their breath or were they just some how able to breath in such thin air?
Yeah the amount of life lose is just nuts...
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