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Greenies Pi$$ Me Off

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My sister is a lefty/commie(literally)/tree hugger Know-It-All, with multiple degrees, and she really is very "smart" IQ wise.... that being said, she lacks, uhmmm, how shall we say, Good Sense.

We recently had a "discussion" (argument) about SUV's, freedom of choice, the environmental movement, and "ecologically friendly" energy sources...if she had here way, we'd all be driving "solar" cars that don't exist or taking mass transit (it's more socially democratic, don't you know).:puke:

We then got into a discussion about alternative energy sources, and when I pointed out to her that the environmentalist wackos were now trying to shut down the wind farms in West-By-God Virginia and Maryland 'cause it was hurting the bat populations, she didn't believe me.

Ethanol Fuel

When I told her that "clean, renewable energy" from ethanol was a myth, that the distillation process alone consumes more energy than it releases (contributing to more pollution)she began to splutter, and when I told her that when you factor in the energy required to farm, harvest and process the corn, you got a 70% net LOSS in energy, she stomped out of the room.

It's ok in my book to be "environmentally concerned", everybody should be concerned with flagrant waste, but it seems to me that, when you want to develop policy, it might behove folks to look at the whole picture, rather than just embracing what "sounds good" or is popular. Smug, simple assertions pi$$ me off!
Wisdom is knowing the difference between being persistent and being a slow learner.
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Regardless...the ethynol is going to be the wave of the future... The problem is that the tractors used to farm the corn burns alot of diesel fuel.
They didn't lift anything. It is up to the gas station and gas tank farm in which the wholesaler is buying the gas. If you use the ethanol everybody gets a tax break on it.

I'll throw something else at ya... Many companies now inject Butane into the gasoline!! :yikes:
Nope...not at all... its all $$$.

Then can blend the Butane into the gasoline and they buy the Butane for WAY cheaper than gasoline. So if they blend 5 gallons of butane into 125 gallons of gas... They pay $0.20 per gallon for the butane and sell it as gasoline at $1.75 a gallon... do that ratio over hundreds of thousands of barrels (which is 42 gallons per barrel)... DO THE MATH!
Oh yeah...that too!
From a person in the industry... believe me.. the butane element is more of cash than RVP. RVP is pushed more by the govt than anybody. The industry doesn't like doing it cause it costs alot more money to turn over the tanks..not too mention refining the products.

Octane is one thing... but again... C87 N/L is the slut of the industry. It is the one product that we can do about anything to and not ruin it.

Injecting transmix, butane, ethenal, and about anything else...
Oh and when I first seen this topic title... I was thinking of the dog's chew treats!
929_RUI said:
i thought you were talking about Greenies dog treats.

btw if you know what i'm talking about, DONT feed these to your dog. apparently they have problems digesting them and can even die from it. :yikes:
That's what I said too...

And I believe that is only true if you accidently feed your dog the wrong size. If you feed your big dog the small dog ones and they eat them whole... then they have the problem... they need to be chewed up...that's all.
bumblebee said:
Sometimes tomorrow's technology will update today's process...In the 60's when my dad first got involved in the oil and gas business, when they struck water with their oil well, they would just cap the well and right it off. Now, we use water injected into the well to help empty the formation of all the crude...So, just because it seems to be more expensive or difficult today, doesn't mean that won't change tomorrow
Good point!

Years ago when a pipeline would have a leak... we would just burnoff the we have to clean it all up and that can cost millions!!!
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