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Groups that require water or water wetter

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Groups that I found on the web for trackdays or racer schools that require water or water wetter. This is what I found so far.

WERA and CCS all require water or water wetter for races in their rule books.

1. STT for Intermediate/ Advanced Group #6

2. NESBA for Advanced group. page 18

3. FASTTRAX neew racer school.

I'm sure there are a few more
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STT allows Engine Ice in the intermediate and advanced groups as well. At least they did at Putnam. It wasn't on that bike prep page, but it was on the registration form at the track. They allowed anything in novice, but you had to use water, water wetter, or engine ice for intermediate or advanced. I made sure of that before hand because I had Engine Ice and I thought I would be moving up to intermediate the second day. But, since you do a lot of track days with different groups, it would definitly be a good idea to just go the all accepted route.
I just received an e-mail from Monte (STT) regarding their website and the allowed coolants. Here was my e-mail to him:


I see that the STT website states that only water or water wetter is allowed in intermediate and advanced. However, when I was at Putnam Park, the registration form stated that Engine Ice was allowed as well. Is Engine Ice allowed at Mid Ohio?

And here is Monte's response:

Good eye!! Our fault. We need to change the website. Engine Ice, 7th Gear, Evans and Liquid Performance are all ok.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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