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Groups that require water or water wetter

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Groups that I found on the web for trackdays or racer schools that require water or water wetter. This is what I found so far.

WERA and CCS all require water or water wetter for races in their rule books.

1. STT for Intermediate/ Advanced Group #6

2. NESBA for Advanced group. page 18

3. FASTTRAX neew racer school.

I'm sure there are a few more
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I think that most groups allow it in the novice or school groups.

Best thing is to e-mail the group that you are going to ride with and ask them up front. And have a back-up plan if someone changes their mind or if the track management steps in.

Keep in mind the whole thing is to keep slippery stuff off the track in the event of a shiny side down event. The Engine Ice is better than regular anti-freeze but it is still a little more slippery than water and won't dry up as quick.
Captain Morgan said:
I just received an e-mail from Monte (STT) regarding their website and the allowed coolants. Here was my e-mail to him:

And here is Monte's response:

Excellent research Captin' now we have 3 more options. :dthumb: So as long as your local bike shop carries at least one brand you should be good to go.


Couldn't find a webpage for 7th Gear directly.
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