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GS500F aftermarket

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Does anyone know if there is any aftermarket parts for the 05 suzuki gs500f? I was lokking for performance related parts and also intergrated turn signals and L.E.D.s taillights. I appreciate any help given. Thx in advance.

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:welcome: I think most pipe manufactures probably make it. What brand do you want?
jeeps84 said:
Just order a Micron slip-on for the sound. :2cents:
As for looks, Let your imagination go as far as the wallet will. Most custom paint jobs start around a grand and go skyward.:crazy:

But the GSXR motor in the GS would be cool too!
jeeps84 said:
That is bound to be more work than it would be worth. $$$$
I think he would be better off learning the 500 first then trade or sale to get a bigger bike when the time comes.:2cents:
Hey I never said it would be worth it... just that it would be cool/interesting!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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