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GS500F aftermarket

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Does anyone know if there is any aftermarket parts for the 05 suzuki gs500f? I was lokking for performance related parts and also intergrated turn signals and L.E.D.s taillights. I appreciate any help given. Thx in advance.

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:welcome: to TWF

There is a lot of stuff for the GS. It may not be listed in adds or web pages but, its there. The best thing to do is to call the vendors and ask for pips, filters and such. I think Suzuki even offers some cool parts for it as well.
Just order a Micron slip-on for the sound. :2cents:
As for looks, Let your imagination go as far as the wallet will. Most custom paint jobs start around a grand and go skyward.:crazy:
Gas Man said:

But the GSXR motor in the GS would be cool too!
That is bound to be more work than it would be worth. $$$$
I think he would be better off learning the 500 first then trade or sale to get a bigger bike when the time comes.:2cents:
Gas Man said:
Hey I never said it would be worth it... just that it would be cool/interesting!
True That!
I know the race body can be made to fit and maybe the front suspension.:skep:
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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