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gsxr 600 shuts off

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I have a 98 gsxr 600 srad. It starts up fine. After i ride it for about 20 or 30 mins. it starts to lose power and then shuts off. after a few mins i can start it right back up. it runs very well while it is running so i dont' know what would make it cut off.
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also check your fuel line, it could be pinched.
kikwearsk8er said:
i pulled out the gas cap and think i found the vent i can folow a hole in the tank itsself to a hole in the bottom of the cap. all the holes it wnet through where clear. my fuel line doesn't look pinched. i went to ride it today adn my ignition fuse blew. i changed it and now i can't even get it to start.
Since you changed the fuse, is it even cranking over? Did you unplug any electrical wires when you took the fairings off to paint the bike? There is something wrong electrical wise if that ignition fuse blew. That just shouldn't blow. Somethings got to be shorting out. Run down the electrical wires make shure a wire isn't stretched, pulled, loose from the regulator box, all the way to the battery. Just look over it real close is the best advice I can give now.
kikwearsk8er said:
ok i'll do that after work tomorrow. it sux i only get like an hour or two of day light when i get off work so i can't do much in a day
I feel your pain there. I live in an apartment now, I'm not even allowed to change my oil here, and its so hot outside from 3:30 when I get off work until 8 or so. Then there is no time to even tear the bike down to work on it. I guess my best advantage is I have bay doors in the warehouse at work I can just pull the bike in to work on it. However I am limited on time there too before the alarm sets otherwise I have to deal with ADT. After being at work from 7 to 3:30 I really don't want to be there anymore.
kikwearsk8er said:
could someone point me in the direction of a wireing diagram. the guy i got this bike from did a really bad job with maintaining the wires
Do you have a service manual? Mine has my bike entire diagram or schematics in there. Thats my only knowledge of easily finding it.
kikwearsk8er said:
no i dont have it
I'd recommend getting one its always a good thing to have. Have you seen any unusal wear, tears or anything in the wireing?
Chuckademus said:
I can't add much to the wiring problem, but I can't see that being the cause of your first problem. Electrical problems tend to be on or off, and if they're intermittant, they're constantly intermittant (if that makes sense).

I've seen a similar problem to your fuel issues. More than likely your fuel tank has a "tap" that has a vacuum activation, i.e. a small hose from the valve to the intake manifold. I saw this on an old VFR400, which would run for about 15 mins, then die. Once you left it for an hour or so, it would start again, only to stop about 15 mins later again. The fuel tap had 2 identical "nipples" which the manifold vacuum hose would fit on. One was the right one, the other was just a breather. Any guesses which this one was on? The reason it would start is that fuel was leaking past the tap and filling the fuel bowls, but would cut out after the bowls emptied.

If your bike's injected, disregard all of the above, check power to fuel pump when hot!

Good luck
this could be BabyNinja's problem with her "tried almost everything" thread. I remember her asking how to clean the tank and marbles or something along that line.
kikwearsk8er said:
thanks aain for all the help. i took yesterday off and sat down and when through all my wireing. i replaced wires that where bad and i re connected some wires that where riped out of a harness. everythign works great now. i really apprecate the help.
Ahh ha! Glad I could be a help to ya. I figured it was something electrical since you blew the fuse. That's my specialty (electrical) :dthumb:
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