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Ok so the gwar concert was already discussed.. ive heard em on CD and thought they sucked... however the new cd is actually decent music... and i went to the live show last night.. the details were understated here.
Among the dead : Michael Jackson, Arnold Shwartzeneger, George Bush , the dead laci peterson and baby, a 10ft tall transformer, a alien, Osama Bin Laden and one or two more then i forgot i htink.... EVERYONE within 50 feet walked away SOAKED form head to toe in red blue and green stuff. The live show is AMAZING.. their costumes and skips are over the top in every categorie. If you can be offended you will be. Its for a person with a twisted since of humor and a love of Speed metal.. theyve gotten faster on this most recent tour. I thought it was ognna be lame and went only cuz i was bored... but had the most entertianing night wioth a live band maybe ever... ive seen better and more talented bands... but not as entertaining.. I'll see em weekly if they playedfhere that much. Granted i was two beers and 4 Rum and cokes into it by time they played.. but GREAT show....And htey dedicated one song to Dimebag Derrell... only time all night the crowd wasnt screaming...Good tribute. If they play within an hour of u go see em if u never have. They played with another band All that Remains too.. REALLY good hardcore metal band if u get a chance to see them too.
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