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Handlebar Conversion

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In 1979, I bought a brand new Suzuki GS 1000. I had it two days before I changed the handlebar and grips. The K&N bar was lower, wider, and had the grips straight instead of turned down.

Unless you take your bike to the track every day, you probably want a handlebar that is higher, wider, and has grips that are straight instead of turned down. The October issue of Motorcycle Consumer News tested a Spiegler LSL Handlebar conversion It allows a regular handlebar to be installed on clip-on triple clamps. Sort of like the handlebar on a FZ1 compared to the clip-on's on a R1.

The tester used it for more than a year on a 95 GPz1100. His hands no longer became numb, and his wrists no longer ached. Also said it was more relaxing and comfortable. And with more leverage it resulted in quicker turn-in. It's like having your cake and eating it.
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I changed the handlebars on my old yamaha from those retarded looking old curved up and then down bars, to just straight out, higher bars, with barrel grips. man what a difference in handling, as well as looks.

I like the higher bars in general, on sportbikes too..since im not real tall, it makes for a much more comfortable riding experience all the way around.
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