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Happy Birthday

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HEY GUYZ, Lets wish our President "HAMMER" a Happy Birthday in which he turns the ripe ol age of 36.....Have a great one Hammer...:dthumb:
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philcbr600f4 said:
Hey Bro did you say Ripe....That Hammer is almost damn spoiled...:lol: :lol: hey shanman you don't mind a little Birthday roast do ya....:twfrox: Have a Happy B-Day Hammer....:cheers:

Hey Little Bro....Did you say ROAST....that's a great idea.. I'm sure Shanman wouldn't mind a little friendly Roasting???? and Image if we did actually roast him he would feed all of Fall River...after trimming off all the fat that is...:lol:
gixxer1333 said:
:cheers: Want to thank everyone wishing me a happy-bday minus my VP.:dthumb:

That's not right
We almost share the same B-day. I was born on leap year so my b-day is technically tomorrow, even though I don't have one this year.

we'll Happy Birthday tomorrow.....
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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