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Hardware Bar... WTF

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I heard this nasty rumor that some people on this board went to the Hardware Bar!

That portion of the rumor isn't waht bothers me!!

What bothers me is that CJD, my online HOTTNESS, was dancing in one of the dance floor cages!!! :wtf: :cursin:

The only reason I'm :rant: is because I wasn't there and my, supposed, friend N4S didn't take any pics!! Not even with is stupid camera phone!! :cursin:

CJD, what are you trying to do to me? Give me a heart attack!! :wtf: :lol:
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Well this is very true. Good Point Capt, but I don't want her to know that!! I need to play this for what it's worth!! :lol:
Yeah, well I'm still mad at you for it... :lol:
All Hott Girls Need To Go To The Hardware And Dance In The Cages And On Top Of The Bar...just Make Sure I'm There Dammit!!! Especially If You're Cjd Or Look Like Bikesr4girls' Avatar!!
That Place Is Off The Shezzy For Nezzy!!
CrunchieJD said:
That place is a blast..all kinds of people go there, young old, single, just go to have fun and thats all. as long as you go home to your girl or guy in the end, its all good!!
I agree, that most people just need to losen up ALOT!!!

However, I have a different twist on your going home long as you go home to your chick, its all good...even if you bring home another chick to share!!!! :dthumb:
I hate when they do that!! Just keep the waitresses and CJD up there and leave it at that!! But did somebody say see thru panties????!!!!!?????
Another trip to Hardware Bar...11/27/2004

:here: So N4S & Tippy & DJ... :here:

How was the bar last night? Anything good to tell... I know CJD wasn't there so I bet it was lame.... :leaving:
Yeah, you'll be all good. You sounded pretty normal on the phone... :puke: :bash:
Very cool!!

So how was the blind date Tippy???
OMFG!! You have to tell me!
Hey I have a saying about guys dancing...

There is only 2 reasons why a guy dances...

1. He is trying to get in her pants!!! (most common)
2. He is :gary:

Once guy achieves #1. he will no longer dance....
That is the Hardware Twisty when do you want to go????
Good thinking, but I don't think the waitresses will be wearing less...if they did, they would probably get arrested...
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