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Hardware Bar... WTF

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I heard this nasty rumor that some people on this board went to the Hardware Bar!

That portion of the rumor isn't waht bothers me!!

What bothers me is that CJD, my online HOTTNESS, was dancing in one of the dance floor cages!!! :wtf: :cursin:

The only reason I'm :rant: is because I wasn't there and my, supposed, friend N4S didn't take any pics!! Not even with is stupid camera phone!! :cursin:

CJD, what are you trying to do to me? Give me a heart attack!! :wtf: :lol:
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yeah buddy..u missed it...we had our drink on and our moves on..hell I was even gettin down with my bad self!!! :rolleyes: :wink:
Captain Morgan said:
Now that is something that I hope I don't ever have to see. :lol:

im sure everybody else was thinkin the same thing..but trust me, I wasnt the only one there that couldnt dance worth a crap!! :lol: but hey, when ur drinkin, everything is all good! :cheers:
you guys are harsh..i feel no love today.. :sob: :lol:
finally..somebody on my side... :cheers:
BikesR4Girls said:
Where is it? :confused:
here in PA..

you should come up and check it out, its a blast!!!
Captain Morgan said:
Some people just need to loosen up. I, on the other hand, would have NO problem with a hot chick dancing on the bar with see-thru undies. :thumbs:

Me either!! :here: that place rocks!!! i love it there.. me n CJD always have a blast. the chicks dancing on the bar is all in good fun..there's no guys grabbin at them, or anybody getting outta line...just tons of peeps lettin off some steam and cheering them on!
Gas Man said:
I agree, that most people just need to losen up ALOT!!!

However, I have a different twist on your going home long as you go home to your chick, its all good...even if you bring home another chick to share!!!! :dthumb:

as long as she's hot though..while they're are countless sweet babes there, u do run into those that their just isnt enough alcohol in the world for..
Captain Morgan said:
If any of you listen to Bob & Tom, you know there is a song that says it best. "You can drink an ugly girl pretty, but you can't drink a fat girl thin." :lol:

i love bob n tom ..i dont drive in the early mornings too often, but when I do, those guys are always laughing and carrying on!

but some of these chicks though, let me tell ya, im not sure even jager would do the trick!! but thats only a few...the vast majority are Hott !! :p:
Ace said:
CHev, remember when I said I hate you? I take it all back now. LMAO But I agree, it is possible to drink enough to make anyone look good! :puke: Been there done that! LMAO :flush:

guess there's hope for all chicks then huh! :lol:
CrunchieJD said:
Oh yeah? What about the "hotties" up on the bar that were dancing, and you had to turn away to gag! :lol: And you thought Pillsbury was the only one that made rolls!!!! :yikes: :puke:

:puke: :puke: , somethings just shouldnt be!! , but hey, #69 did throw some mardi gras beads b/4 that, so it was all good! pppssttt..she was the one with the see thru panties! !
i'll let you know when i wake up tomorrow and get over this potential hangover im sure is gonna happen.. :eek: :lol:
i was trying real hard to hold that wall up too.. :rolleyes:
there's something about CJD and teeth marks on her butt... :here: :lol:
Gas Man said:
OMFG!! You have to tell me!

i cant remember how they got there...i'll ask CJD when she gets home.. :D

CharlieMav... more chicks going along would be great, but guys dont dance with guys, so thats just not happening in any way.. :wink:
#1 is fine, as long as ur dancin with a chick..otherwise, you're automatically #2
i love it when chicks give up.. :lol: :lol:
oh yeah..its all kinds of fun !!! especially in the first pic.. the chick on the right....she's always a blast to hang with there. always seems to find us, to sell us her tooters..
Gas Man said:
That is the Hardware Twisty when do you want to go????

yeah man, u'd have a blast twisty..when they get their coyote ugly routine goin...its WILD!!!
give it up..give up..its all good when there's alcohol involved.. :lol: :lol:
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