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Has anyone seen the Pit Bull steering dampner?

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I saw it on Two Wheel Tuesday, looked like a fairly easy retrofit for those without (like me).
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Nope...but that calls for another shameless plug for Scotts. Get a Scotts steering stabalizer. The best thing you'll ever buy in that department!!!

Sorry N4S, I had to do it! You seen mine! It rocks and keeps you from tank slappin if you forget to straighten your wheel when you come down from a wheelie while trying not to park in a S10.............why does that analogy sound familiar?!?! I wonder...
Ask nicely and you shall recieve...

Starting at $449!! :yikes:

Perhaps someone at Scotts would care to offer one to me gratis? :D
I had a Scotts on my RC-51. It just worked. I have an Ohlins on my Aprilia, it works slightly better. Then again, it's possible that it could partly be attributed to the bike. On the RC-51, you had to adjust the Scotts unit up to calm the front ent on a bad road. On the Aprilia, I don't even know it's there. It just works.
I'll give Gas Man props on his little setup there, he's right about it! :cool:
Well besides Scotts....what other dampers are good to use??
Some what like Mojo said, Ohlins make a good setup. But on alot of bikes, the shock style steering dampners can sometimes stick out the side of the bike and can be damaged in a crash.

$450...that's about normal for any desent dampner/stabalizer!

It just seems everytime I turn around Mojo thinks off the wall thoughts from the norm. Of coarse, I'm just harrasin ya Mojo.

However, you must understand that Scotts sets up their street sportbikes stabalizer on a R1. Don't know why a R1 vs a GSXR but that's what they use. Now your RC-51 definately is going to behave differently than a R1. So I'm sure that had something to do with it. Also, Scotts suggests a maintance routine about every 3 years, depening on milage and abuse. It only costs about $40. Not bad!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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