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GSXR750DJ said:
I was just reading in my Sport Rider mag about not having to use the clutch to shift. Saying that if you let of the throttle a small amount and in a quick movement,upshift. Sounds good and all but I would like to get someones thoughts that has tried this before I try it. Any thoughts will be great and if you know someone that has tried it let me know what they thought as well. :)
I do it all the time. Anybody that races or even stunts will tell you to do it. Many of your racers do it in both directions. Up shift and down shifts. Once you get your RPMs up high enough it will up shift right into the next gear with little effort. If it doesn't want to come out the gear your in with little foot effort then the R's aren't in the right spot. Also, you don't want to come off the throttle much if any on the up shifts.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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