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Have Kat? Have Trailer? Will Travel...

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There you go Matt. Thats all you need for the trip to the Gap. :lol:
I don't think so on that one.
They may look sweet but they are like a mo-ped. You may own one but don't want your friends to see you on one. :lol:
Modding the bike is one thing. If your going to travel and go a good distance. haul your bike or get a BMW or Goldwing. They're made for that...not a sports bike. Just doesn't look right riding on a sports bike with a trailer behind you. Just my :2cents:
Well...we all have our own thoughts on this.
Captain Morgan said:
I can see 2Fast's point. The best thing about that bike with a trailer is that he can ride to the gap and carry extra tools, clothes, etc., then unhook the trailer and ride ON the gap with a sportbike instead of a BMW or Goldwing.

You ride on a sports bike from where you are or me to the Gap and lets see how you ride like h3ll on the Gap. Its not going to happen. Thats to long of a ride like that. :skep:
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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