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Have you ever got caught drinking on the job?

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OK, so DJ has his sleeping on the job thread...but what about drinking?!? This was very common back in the day.

Or, maybe you went to lunch with some co-workers and decided to make it a "wet" lunch. Ya know, have a couple because work has been pretty stressfull lately! :cheers:
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Well, a family member was telling me something funny about this topic at cmas.

He works a big german made steel press and always wondered why the key to turn it on looks just like a bottle opener. So he asked his boss one day and was told that's because it is a bottle opener. That back in the day over in Germany they use to drink beer while operating that heavy equipment. So they made the key as a bottle opener.....

Makes sense to me!! Crack one open!! :dthumb: :cheers:

Kinda makes you want to go out and buy a VW right now doesn't it!! :screwy:
GSXR750DJ said:
Ok was Matts thread for sleeping. :lol: I am, DJ. Not him.

But I never have been caught drinking on the job. :dthumb:
Yeah, so I couldn't remember!!!
Hey it's not the gas fumes... after all that talk...I tried the potporie...
Need4Speed750 said:
Not on the job, but in high school.. oh yeah..Mad Dog 2020 was some great stuff in your thermos!! :wink: :buds:
Well that explains alot!!! :wink:
bumblebee said:
That will get you sent home pronto. You do not have a drink while "on the clock" even if you are at lunch and even if those around you do. We are a professional organization and decorum will be maintained. You cannot even have one of those NA beers. You do not report for work if you smell of alcohol. This is a policy I strictly enforce.
JB, what exactly is it that you run??? Sounds like you're a harda$$! :lol:
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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