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Headshake solutions

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Under hard accelerating, my bike headshakes on upshifts. Nothing dramatic but enough to catch my attention.
Steering dampeners? stiffening the rear suspension? etc. what can i do to ease the problem.
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Before spending $$$ on a steering stabilizer, you may want to look into some maint and setup as mentioned above. Under normal conditions, an SV shouldn't headshake. While a steering stabilizer might keep this from happening, you're just covering up a problem, not solving it. You might want to check your sag, and make sure the rear isn't too soft. If it's squating under accelleration and unloading the front, it could cause a headshake to happen when you shift (you're unloading the rear and loading the front for a couple seconds).

- Roach
Good advice. Don't use a damper to mask other problems...
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