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Hein Gericke leathers

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Can't find their 1piece leathers anywhere

Does anybody know where they sell them or a place that could order them?
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thanks, but i'm looking for a certain suit.

the new Celtic suit on their uk site
bulldog said:
shoot what help you are .... "not only did i not give you a link but i will let you know it is impossible to buy them also" :lol:

I guess i will have to look for another suit then.

BTW think twice before you buy a teknic suit..
i'm currently use a teknic suit and it doesn't hold too well in a crash. seems start tearing apart from only 3 low speed slides.
I though about the spidi but i just don't want to fix that much in the budget
Damn. I just called to the UK's mail order number and they won't ship it over to canada...

BTW those british accents sound so damn hot :thumbs:
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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