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The Mother Of All Help-Wanted Ads
Your Chance To Go 325mph
by staff
Monday, October 31, 2005
This intriguing note comes to us from Don Emde:

Denis Manning of BUB Enterprises in Grass Valley, California has announced that he has begun a search for an individual to pilot his BUB streamliner at Bonneville in an attempt to break the motorcycle land speed record. Manning was the builder of the Harley-Davidson-powered streamliner that Cal Rayborn drove to the world's record in 1970 (as seen in On Any Sunday). Through the years he has built many more machines and has had a role in numerous other records.

In 2006, Denis plans to return to the salt with the goal of breaking the motorcycle land speed record of 322 miles per hour currently held by Dave Campos. Manning's streamliner is 100% designed and purpose-built for Bonneville-type use including the engine.

Individuals from roadracing, drag racing and other forms of motorsports are being considered. Individuals wishing to be considered can contact Manning at 530-477-7490.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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