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Found this, and thought it'd be appropriate to put it here on TWF...good info if you come across an accident scene. :bike:

As much as we hate to admit it at one time or another we will come across a rider who has gone down. How we handle the situation can and will make a difference in the outcome sometimes. This is just intended as a basic primer on what and what not to do.

1. REMAIN CALM, getting excited will not help the victim.
2. Get yourself, bike or vehicle away from any danger or impact zones.
3. Secure or protect the rider and area as much as possible.
4. Call for emergency services or have someone in your group call, if necessary.
5. REMAIN CALM, have one person in control of the area.
6. Check the downed rider for injuries. If they are conscious talk to them calmly and reassure them that help is on the way. Ask what parts of their body hurts. Do not attempt to move the the rider if they can not do so themselves. KEEP THE RIDER CALM.
7. If the rider is not conscious assess what injuries you can without moving the rider. UNLESS THERE IS A NEED TO PERFORM MOUTH TO MOUTH OR CPR DO NOT REMOVE THEIR HELMET OR MOVE THE RIDER.
8. If the victim is bleeding assess the severity of the bleeding. Most bleeding can be stopped by applying direct pressure to the wound. As with any bodily fluids protect yourself as much as possible.
10. When professional emergency help arrives give them a quick run down of what you have found or done. Then move out of their way unless they ask you for help.
11. Answer any questions you can as truthfully as possible.
13. Determine what you will do when you leave the accident scene. Whether you will continue riding for the day or whether you will call it a day. This decision will be greatly influenced by your personal psyche and circumstances of the accident. There is no shame in calling quits for the day when you are distracted by the accident.

Again this is just intended to give you a bit of guidance as to what to do if you happen upon a downed rider. It is not intended to give you specific instructions on how to treat injuries or to render first aid. This is just intended for you to able to help until QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL HELP arrives.

*** Feel free to post your thoughts, and/or anything you think u might do different.

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Very nice post. It has alot of helpful tips. The only thing I can see that I would do different is....REMAIN CALM. :) Seriously it is all good to know in case we come across this in the future. Thanks for the info on it.
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