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Hey Bull, since you're back...

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give us some riding stories!
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okay lets gather round the fire!!

naw i dont really got any exciting close calls or anything but i am really geting the hang of the bike and i feel really comfortable and in control!

the only thing i have to think about is the gearing in courners, sometimes it a bit jumpy

just got back from the farthest ive been yet!!!?!!!?!!!?!! allthe way to far side of modesto! :lol:
spent 3 freakin hours at an interview for Carls Jr.

but the good thing is i have only had to use my horn a couple times and stuck the finger out once or twice!! :dthumb: what about you guys how is the weather everywere it is GREAT here it is sunny and cool!!
Captain Morgan said:
Weather here SUCKS!!!!! I rode on Sunday, but only because it wasn't going to be above 40 for ten days. It only got up to 45 Sunday. :lol:

Oh, don't really need to hear about close calls, just wanted to check in and see how everything is going. Checking to see if you like the bike and making sure you're wearing proper gear and learing what you're supposed to learn.

Try to keep the fingers down, though. We don't want you getting shot out there. Just always keep an eye out for idiots and ride with your brights on during the day.
well not much i can do bout the finger it got its own mind!! better then givin um tred marks as eyebrawls :lol: jk yeah but i go to the country roads(that i am getting to know very very good) and practice everyday i do some hard braking and quick accelerating and stuff like swurving and all that (its fun and will help out so it good to do)

but something i saw on a crousier that i am going to try and find is the guy had like a thing on his brakes that would give three 2 second flashes then a steady brake light ( so you wont have to tap tap then applie the brakes)

that was very cool and almost when to the gas staion he stopped at to ask but he wasent to friendly when i waved lol :lol:
twisty said:
Yeah those are sweet and great add-on to your bike. How many miles have you put on?
well i started the trip thing a week after i got the bike and rode hard all week all day asfter school and on the current trip i have 156 miles
Captain Morgan said:
Yep, Yamaha hammers on Suzuki and yawns while doing it. :D
hey hey hey hey you were a suzuki guy like a month ago!!
ShanMan14 said:
Hi Bull :seeya:
whats craken dawg :cool:
Gas Man said:
Well one thing is for sure....

Bull is still tripple posting!!! :wtf:
lol sorry i knew you hAD SOMETHIN TO SAY ABOUT THAT
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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