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We certainly need more racers on the site. How long have you been riding? Do you ride on the street as well, or just on the track? Looks like you have a couple of sweet bikes. And as I said in your other thread, :welcome:

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I've been riding just shy of 40 years.... Track Days now (Mosport, Pocono, AutoBahn, NHIS...) Some Dirt, VERY little on the Street. I keep the RZV registered and insured for that occasional blast down to the cruise in when the CanAm 502 Corvette is down for upgrades.

I gave up real racing in the early 90's (WERA, AMA-CCS, F-USA).

Just one bike, Paint and multiple sets of Marchesini M5's...


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Gas Man said:

Those are some sweet bikes.... can you pass along some more info on them...

One Bike two different paint jobs....

Just remenber you asked for more details...

Trued and welded cranks, friction gears removed
ATR lightened flywheel (balanced by Leitner & Bush)
Mikuni TMX28 flat slide carbs with K&N filters (Staggered Main jets 330 Upper /320 Lower Cylinders)
Modified RZV reed cages and Carbon Tech carbon reeds Weisco Prolite Single ring pistons
Milled heads with re-contoured squish bands
Yamaha TSI Ported cylinders Plus a little, Cryo-stabilized cases, rotating and reciprocating components
Fully undercut transmission w/ Barnett clutch,
BDKprogrammable black boxes for Ignition and YPVS (BDK stuff is currently inop Raised peak RWHP to over 110)
Indexed static Ignition advance 0-5 degrees
Jolly Moto GP style pipes and short alloy cans,
Blueprinting and engine assembly by ATR - 139 dyno runs for tuning
RZV Tach/ Daytona Digital water temp, ZX7RR radiator, 2001 R1 forks, Custom swingarm built from 2001 R1, 2000 R6, and RZV500 parts 3/4" longer than stock
Custom ATR ride height adjuster, Attack Performance billet trail adjustable Triple Clamps, Vortex Clipons
Marchesini M5 wheels 3.5 x 17 front 6.25 x 16.5 rear or 6.25 x17, Modified Marchesini sprocket carriers, Sprocket specialist rear sprockets, AFAM R1 front sprockets, 520 Chain, 17/41, 17/43, or 17,45 final drive,
Ohlins 120mm Steering damper, Street-n-Comp fork clamp, custom billet rearsets (Wyn B. at CMPF) with CFM Motorsports (Eric Wood) pegs and levers,
Daytona Damper Frame Clamp, Ohlins Rear shock with remote preload adjuster
Custom faring stays, Bat Pac Battery eliminator
Motion Pro Quick Disconnect fuel lines, Fuel tank quick disconnect mounting pins, Fuel tank modified for tipover and positive venting with spin on filler cap (from PW 50)
Nissin front master, Brembo rear master Speglier full floating brake conversion on the front rotors, Just to list a few.

I also have alternate transmission ratio for 1st gear.


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84...that's one hott bike! I like it... different can really go a long way in my book.

But what's up with the R1 upgrade... I seen the yellow pics with the Ohlins setup.... the ones at the top of your page where you were racing... was that after as well?

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I built it first with FZR1000 forks, triples, wheels and swingarm... Looked ok but was TO heavy and handled like a truck.

White Gelcoat....

Then I got smart and used R1 running gear and Marchesini Magnesium wheels... Still white Gelcoat....

Then I painted it yellow as it is today...

I updated my websete to include a couple of new pics... me with an R1 and R6 in tow and some guy named Kent who borrowed my bike for some hot laps :)
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