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hey jeeps..... MT-01 coming to North America....

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They just announced your MT-01 as a NA 06 model. :cheers: while youre getting yours, pick me up one too.
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JK_DILLA said:
They just announced your MT-01 as a NA 06 model. :cheers: while youre getting yours, pick me up one too.
I've heard the rumor but nothing confirmed. What is your source?
JK_DILLA said:
THX!!!! :dthumb:
I guess the question is, do I get it in Silver or Black? I kind'a like the black.

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JK_DILLA said:
black. and wrap the exhaust. :cheers:
Wrap the exhaust? :scratch: Are you talking about header wrap?
The mufflers are covered with a shield and have a fan that blows air through to keep them cool.
JK_DILLA said:
have you seen the MT-03? niiice. and not for us apparently.
I checked out the MT-03. Looks cool if you want a Motard. :dthumb:
JK_DILLA said:
Looking at the euro yamaha site, the naked fz1 nad fz6 are hot!
Been there many times trying to convince the wife I need the MT-01 when it gets here. :whistle: :lol:
JK_DILLA said:
thats funny.... :lol: i spend more time on the euro sites than US. They get so many more models, and the ones we get are cooler over there. Like the Rizla GSXR they had a year ago. :drool:
Both my dealers say no way its coming this year. :nonod: Maybe next. :disapp: They think they already know about all the 06 models and cant get what they have ordered. :crazy:
I was asked why if they cant get enough R6's and R1's to the US. Why bother with a new model.
I don't know the answer to any of it.:scratch:

From the Euro conversions and guesstimations. Probable will be close to 11G's
SVupON1 said:
hmmm...I'd go with something else for 11k then.
That's not for sure. It may be way cheaper. I just have to wait and see when and if it gets here. :tt:
SVupON1 said:
it should be about the same price as a sv :2cents: maybe a lil more...but not too much more.
1670cc V-Twin with the suspension of a R1 and you think its going to be a little more than the SV. :crazy:
Most all the big Twin bikes start in that area.
Have you priced any Kaw's or V Stars. Most all the big Twins go for 10+. Some of the smaller starter bikes go for less. He!! the Damn 600 SB's are going to 10+ before long. :cry:
talisman_13 said:
If I had enough $$$ I'd have both, but the 600 won that battle...
That happens with allot of people.:whistle:
I just wish they would make it public when or if its actually coming to the US.
Internet and mag articles are all just speculations at this point. The one posted at the beginning of this thread is the only one that say it will be here.:scratch:
Till I see it on the Yamaha's web page. I wont be holding my breath. :tt:
Bump due to recent interest.:whore:
I could deal with the cans if I could just get one for under 20 G's. That's about what it would cost to get it shipped over the pond and registered here. Not quit worth it to me.:disapp:

The good thing is, If it does make it state side. There will be plenty of aftermarket parts for it. Its been in Europe for a while now and seems to be popular.
I may look into this further. If You guys got'em. Then its just some legal PATA stuff to get it registered here. New vin and everything.:cursin:
Like I said. Getting the bike is the easy part. Making it legal is the PITA.
They had an 05 MT-01 last year at the Knoxville Honda Hoot at the Corbin tent. That was the first one I saw in person. It just confirmed my desire to own one.
I believe it has the same engine as the Worrier (Yamaha's power cruiser) Should be plenty of power to keep up with the 6's (not beat them). The benefits will come from the huge torque numbers that a V Twin is know for. From what I have read on the Euro sites, It handles as well or better than other standards like the FZ6.

Basically, this bike wasn't built to compete in the sportbike market but as an alternative to them with out having to step all the way over to a cruiser.
The Worrier would only be able to compete in power and comfort. It may be the best handling cruiser on the market in the US right now but its still a cruiser. The MT would dominate any other aspect of performance. Comfort could be argued as well. That would depend more on the rider to decide.
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