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hey jeeps..... MT-01 coming to North America....

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They just announced your MT-01 as a NA 06 model. :cheers: while youre getting yours, pick me up one too.
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Yamaha MT-01 coming to North America

Total Motorcycle has the inside scoop! The Yamaha MT-01 will be sold in North America for the 2006 model year. 1670cc V-Twin; The MT-01 is a revolutionary motorcycle, with a soulbeat character that unleashes maximum torque at 3,750 rpm. That's the whole idea of Torque Sports.
black. and wrap the exhaust. :cheers:
have you seen the MT-03? niiice. and not for us apparently.

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wrap the header pipes. looks pymph. not up to the can.... but you know what i mean. Looking at the euro yamaha site, the naked fz1 nad fz6 are hot!
thats funny.... :lol: i spend more time on the euro sites than US. They get so many more models, and the ones we get are cooler over there. Like the Rizla GSXR they had a year ago. :drool:
talisman_13 said:
Just change the cans man...Akrapovic titanium (what the local Yamaha shop has here) looks so much better than those HUGE things Yamaha put on. It's a real blast to ride too :drool:
youve ridden one then.... so wassup wit-it?!?!??!
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