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hey jeeps..... MT-01 coming to North America....

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They just announced your MT-01 as a NA 06 model. :cheers: while youre getting yours, pick me up one too.
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thats stilla big ass mill, it HAS to make power! :yikes:
drewpy said:
thats stilla big ass mill, it HAS to make power! :yikes:
Proly. I just can't see myself on such a powerhouse and in that riding position. I like the forward position of the rockets.
Its big, but they did say they got 3 perfomance packages, stage1 , 2, and 3, 1 bieng street legal, 2-3 are from akropovic and are for track only, and they do have Akros for it, look the same only Ti :yikes:
I believe it has the same engine as the Worrier (Yamaha's power cruiser) Should be plenty of power to keep up with the 6's (not beat them). The benefits will come from the huge torque numbers that a V Twin is know for. From what I have read on the Euro sites, It handles as well or better than other standards like the FZ6.

Basically, this bike wasn't built to compete in the sportbike market but as an alternative to them with out having to step all the way over to a cruiser.
That would explain why one forum all the N. Americans said they didnt wanna wait and bought Warroirs instead, said it was cheaper to modify the bike anyways, but those haul bawlz anyhow
The Worrier would only be able to compete in power and comfort. It may be the best handling cruiser on the market in the US right now but its still a cruiser. The MT would dominate any other aspect of performance. Comfort could be argued as well. That would depend more on the rider to decide.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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