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Hey Just A Quick Reminder......

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In a few weeks, cell phone numbers are being released to
telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale
calls.. You will be charged for these calls.

Call this number from your cell phone 888-382-1222.
It is the national DO NOT CALL list. It only takes a minute of
your time. It blocks your number for 5 years. Please pass this
on to everyone you know who doesn't want to be hassled.
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Not that this particular one matters, but this one is a hoax.

It's been covered in the news around here off and on for the last couple of weeks.

It is still illegal to market to cell phones and is going to remain that way for the foreseeable(sp?) future. The main reason I say this one isn't a big deal is that the only thing that may (have) happened from this message is that the do not call website gets slammed. It doesn't HURT to put your cell phone in there, but it isn't necessary, either.

Be aware, however, that there are SOME messages floating around that link to a registration site that CHARGES to add your number to the list. This one is a scam. It is free to register numbers on the legitimate site.
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