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HID for bikes?

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have any of you seen or tried these?
they're HID upgrades for your lights... just wondering...
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I don't know why they wouldn't be... I'm not sure what sort of law your thinking of... but as long as they're not in somones eyes they should be ok... no? or is there some law stating they can't be over a certain lumin?

on a side note I don't see a exclamer on the site about it being for off-road only... which I believe is required if there was a law against them... of course that would be comon sence and god know's that's failed me before lol:scratch:
ShanMan14 said:
I only mention that because the site says:

Maybe we should do a review on these?

ok... I take that back... guess I was too busy looking at how they would work with a hi/low setup... so maybe they are illegal... :bas:

though they say they're the same as the ones sold in Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW... so dont' know why motorcycles would be required to have less... if anything... I think they should be alowed to have MORE... ANYTHING to help be seen!
I'm seriously thinking about it... mainly for my truck... but couldn't hurt on the bike... though up here there isn't much Darkness in the summer so it's probably better someone else be the ginnie I mean reviewer :lol:
will do... though it'll probably be later rather than sooner
I have the silverstars in my truck... yeah they're bright as hell... but I've never had them last over 6months... I always loose one low beam.... then about a month later... the other low.... (happened durring summer so it was light enough not to have to use them other than as running lights) and at 25 a piece it's kind of pain... like I said I first got into looking for HID for my truck...

How does the silverstars hold up on your bike? how long you had them?
gixxer127 said:
I just put them in my r1, and havent really had a chance to ride it much cause of winter. I had them in my gixxer, and never had a problem. They lasted for the whole time i had the bike (a little over a year).
I'll have to try them then... I really like them in my truck... other than the lack of life... :cheers:
I'm frequently on another R6 forum and this guy sent in pics of his Raven w/ the conversion at night. Those things look killer and imagine they function the same. sells the kits for cheaper I believe. Tax season is around the corner. I'm thinking abut doing it. He can also make it so both headlights come on as low beam and the other set, high beam. Not sure if I want to invest that much in it though because I'm proly getting rid of the R6 this year sometime.
damn... those Angel eyes look SICK on that thing... makes it look evil with the red and blue... if I had an r6 I'd DEFINATLY do that... :phat:
I'm dig'n this back up because I saw MOTV8 had HID bulbs in his sig... just wondering what you though of them... what kind you were using... and where you got them...

OHHH MOTV8!!:lol:
Wockman said:
A friend of mine has a HID kit on his busa, I joke sometimes that I get a sunburn on my neck when he rides behind me.

But seriously there is a HUGE difference at night between halogen and HID, when we are side by side...

The only thing keeping me from putting one on my bike is the $$ price tag.
well the guy (from the Angel eyes site DL posted) told me it'd be $500 for everything... ($450 if I ordered in the next couple days as he was placing an order soon just waiting on a couple more people so he could save on shipping) but I needed dual filliment h4 bulbs because both my lights are on for low's as well as Highs...
Mojo said:
I have HID's from a BMW in my Aprilia. Most of my friends have them. Turns night into day.
are they stock or after market "upgrades"? if they're upgrades where'd you get them... how was the install?
Mojo said:
They were stock in the BMW... One of my best friends works in a bodyshop, and if a lens is scratched, BMW replaces the whole thing. We pull the guts and put them in our bikes. :D

The worst part was finding room for all of the pieces. There is a transformer, an igniter, and the bulb. I ended up mounting the transformer in the tail section and running a harness to the front bucket, where I mounted the igniter. The bulb assembly is slightly longer than the stock bulb.
got any extra ;)
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