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Hollywood Video...

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The news just said that now Colin Farrell has a pornographic tape that is out there he is trying to stop distribution of. He aparently made this with a Playboy Playmate like 2 years ago.

Yes, useless thread.

Yes, you can have your two seconds back that you wasted reading it!
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I think I just lost hair reading this post
3BoyzNaBike said:
hmmm... add to rental list this weekend:

*Find movie with 2 Playmates and some dude! :lol:
screw that just get a porno :whistle:
Ace said:
:lol: :iagree: or make your own LMAO :lol: :leaving:
already did that a few nights ago...I mean um..... :twfrox: :leaving:
3BoyzNaBike said:
Oh now see that is just wrong because:
You just wanna see my man :here: :lol:
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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