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Holy Sheep Crap - Fast fast fast connection - Do this NOW!

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I am working on a friend's computer - new hard drive, new cpu, new cpu fan and install of XP. So I install SP 2 and then I tweak the connection with some progz I got off this website.. I have used these patches and optimizers before with some success but what happened on this pc is insane - it loads as if you were offline and the page was loaded to your hard-drive.. I strongly suggest running the TCP Optimizer - click optimal setting and restart your pc.. Then run the web tweak patch and the sguide registry tweak.. This will open up your bandwidth and make web pages load insanely fast.. I have done the patches before but I never tried both with XP along with the optimizer.. Very good results.. Unless you like waiting for shyt to load.. lol.. Try it..

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Dats some good $h!t!!!!!!! :dthumb:
chev said:
getting porn faster then before make Chev happy happy man!!! :leaving:

You dont even know the beginning of it. Just last night I finish porn...all of it, each site the internet has to offer. LMAO <I got a tear in my eye even thinking of making such a huge accomplishment> :spam:
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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