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Holy Sheep Crap - Fast fast fast connection - Do this NOW!

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I am working on a friend's computer - new hard drive, new cpu, new cpu fan and install of XP. So I install SP 2 and then I tweak the connection with some progz I got off this website.. I have used these patches and optimizers before with some success but what happened on this pc is insane - it loads as if you were offline and the page was loaded to your hard-drive.. I strongly suggest running the TCP Optimizer - click optimal setting and restart your pc.. Then run the web tweak patch and the sguide registry tweak.. This will open up your bandwidth and make web pages load insanely fast.. I have done the patches before but I never tried both with XP along with the optimizer.. Very good results.. Unless you like waiting for shyt to load.. lol.. Try it..

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I have used that site for years.. Every since the dawn of broadbrand and never a problem.. I just never installed all three.. Works very good.. Unless like I said you want your computer to go slower...
Not a stupid question.. Here is what you need (remember download the one for your platform like jeeps said - i.e. Windows XP, Windows 98, etc.) and I suggest running a speed test before patching anything to see how much faster it goes - I can post links for those as well:

1. TCP Optimizer - this is the only one common for all platforms - download this and open it - click "optimal" settings and then reboot

2. SpeedGuide Generic Registry Patches - pick the one for your platform - download it, open the zip file, double click the patch and say yes to allow it to tweak your registry

3. Web Patches - faster loading of Web Pages - pick the one for your platform, etc. etc. same as # 2

Does that make sense? If not let me know and I can further elaborate.
bulldog said:
i think i did all that it runs a lil faster or that might be my imagination!?!?!?!? but thanx i think it worked

i dont need superfast stuff it all good!
that's why i said to run the speed test before and after so you would know.. if you patched it, it will be faster no way around it.. it opens your bandwidth and opens connections on your browser, etc.
chev said:
getting porn faster then before make Chev happy happy man!!! :leaving:
I am here to serve and YES i am my brother's keeper.. If my brother has to wait for porn in this technologically advanced society of ours then i must seek out the solution - the internet was founded on porn, the man tries to hold us down and restrict our bandwidth and keep our open browser connections down, so MP must take a page out of the Master Plan and fight back - POWER TO THE PEOPLE! A girl on girl porn streaming video in real time on every computer and a Yamaha in every garage... lol..

Bull - I grew up on computers from a very young age.. No I didn't take any classes - well I did in high school but it was a joke - by the second week the drunk ass beotch of a teacher was in the parking lot drinking and I was teaching a class.. Oh and I took a CNC class and the fat ass bofoon that taught that class had to take notes from what I was doing because he had no fugging idea - never worked in a machine shop, etc. I was hoping to learn something from the class but I was dumber after having attended.. No one can ever know everything about everything on computers - well except my 3 master degree sister who is like 1 of 4 people in this country that knows whatever the ***** it is she knows - but you kind of learn as you go. My philosphy - if it is broken you can't make it much worse.. Read books, take classes and most of all surf the web as there is alot of valuable info out there - just anything you read on the net double, triple, quadruple check as there is alot of bs to weed through, etc. And if all else fails you can PM yo' pal MP and if I know I will let you know and if I don't I will try to point you in the proper direction.. Peace, out.
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1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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